From chicken to egg, from feather to polymer

Affiche de l'exposition d'Etienne Krähenbühl au Château.


A new season high in art and circular economy: Etienne Krähenbühl invests the gallery of the Castle of Vullierens from May 4 to August 20, 2023.

Crossed by the spirit of the times, the works open a perspective on our current environmental situation. A collaboration with Rudy Koopmans, a scientist working with polymers, is staged in an exhibition that illustrates current advances in the field of finite resources. The importance of our consumption, the waste that results from it, is often disavowed and delivered to the destruction. What if, more conscious of our participation in a nature that has given generously, we became actors of an indispensable respect for the “waste” we produce?

Etienne Krähenbühl’s installations, in metal, plastic-tic and polymers, will bring these themes to life by relying on the phases of transformation from the egg to the feather.