The vineyard and its wines

The vineyard

Château de Vullierens, the home of the Bovet de Mestral family for the past 700 years, is also renowned for its vineyard, which is replanted with Chasselas, Pinot Noir, Gamay, Gamaret, Garanoir and Galotta.

The historic vines extend south of the Château for over 8 hectares. For a number of years, the estate has established sustainable, eco-friendly practices for its winegrowing. Individuals plots are monitored to know when the grapes are ready for picking. Yield is limited. The grapes are harvested by hand and sorted in the crates to preserve their integrity.

The label on the bottles shows an Iris germanica, winner of the Dykes Memorial Medal, the highest award of the American Iris Society. Château de Vullierens wines can be tasted and purchased at Café des Jardins and at our shop during the gardens open season.

Sale at the estate year round via the following number 021 869 88 80.

Our wines


The rosé is produced from the best plots of Gamaret-Garanoir. It yields an aroma of blackberry, raspberry and citrus with hints of spice, and reveals a rich, persistent flavour with a delicate, fruity texture. A gastronomic rosé with a bright personality.

Vintage 2017

The bottle : CHF 15.-

The box of six : CHF 81.-


Chasselas is the characteristic white grape variety of French-speaking Switzerland. Excellent as an aperitif, it can also be enjoyed with cheese dishes or to accompany a locally- caught fish. The Château de Vullierens Chasselas is a Grand Cru, Appellation Morges. A delicious, floral, structured white, it has twice won, in 2008 and 2009, the Médaille d’Or du Grand Prix du Vin Suisse.

Vintage 2017

The bottle : CHF 12.-

The box of six : CHF 68.-


Pinot Noir is one of the most widely-grown red grape varieties in Switzerland. Originally from Burgundy, it takes its name from its pinecone- shaped clusters of fruit. Its lightness and fruity flavour pair well with both red and white meat. It can also be served with a starter or with pasta. Since 2005, Château de Vullierens has produced a Swiss Pinot Noir with an attractive ruby colour, a subtle, fruity bouquet and supple, silky tannins.

Vintage                  2014/15        2016         2017

The bottle :           CHF 16.-     CHF 15.-   CHF 14.-

The box of six:     CHF 86.-    CHF 81.-   CHF 75.-


Gamaret and Garanoir are two Swiss varieties, a cross between Gamay (black) and Reichensteiner (white). A blend of the two pairs well with game and grilled meat. Château de Vullierens has produced a Gamaret-Garanoir blend since 2008. Its attractive, deep red colour is matched by a full bouquet with berry notes and a round, slightly spicy palate.

Vintage                     2014         2016         2017

The bottle :            CHF 17.-     CHF 16.-   CHF 15.-

The box of six :     CHF 90.-    CHF 86.-   CHF 81.-

Tasting and sales

All our wines can be enjoyed at Café des Jardins and are sold in the Gift Shop during the gardens open season. Wine tastings are also proposed.

Appareil pour déguster des vins gratuitement dans notre boutique.