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News New adventures await the children in the King Lizard’s Kingdom !

In the heart of our Gardens sits a special area dedicated to anyone, young and old: the King Lizard Kingdom.  Following the natural path, under the shadows of secular trees, the kingdom will share its secrets and its treasures: dozens of trees facetiously hide the personality of several characters! A world made of nature, to touch, to see, to do, to listen and to feel. More information here.

New for 2021 !

Knock, knock, knock…

Knock, knock, knock…

The Kingdom’s woodpecker is active and beats to the rhythm of the small stream not far from the King Lizard. Have you recognized the newlyweds from last year? Madam is fishing, Mister is floating with all his gear and King Lizard observing them tenderly. It is quiet and the whole kingdom seems to be waiting… but for who/for what?  Find out as you walk through the woods, but don’t make any noise so as not to frighten the new visitor.

The Kingdom’s inhabitants have also things to show you. They have framed their most extraordinary things: the shape of a trunk, the passage to a fox’s burrow, a mushroom that has become a sculpture over time, etc. Are you inspired? How about participating as well ? Each child will receive at the entrance a piece of clay that will allow you to create a natural imprint to leave on the spot.