The moat is located on the north side of the castle. Once much larger, it now occupies only the right side of the bridge, with the Secret Garden replacing the left side. The moat is home to a collection of Koi fish and golden fish.

The 2 new jets were installed in April 2018 for a variety of reasons. First, they create a magnificent spectacle, thanks to the two 10-meter high water columns that move 76,000 liters of water per hour. This, in turn, creates movement and oxygen in the water, which is beneficial to the Koi fish and keeps the water fresh.

Secondly, the moat supplies large amounts of fresh water to all the gardens of the castle. All rainwater that falls on the roof and outbuildings of the castle is diverted to the moat. This project is part of a program to make the castle gardens more environmentally friendly.

Interested in turning on the water fountains?
Well, at 11am on weekdays and 2pm on Sundays and holidays, you are invited to turn on the fountains